COAST HIGHWAY 1   (Walker & Co.)

Coast Highway 1 by Elizabeth C. Ward is a fine novel-absorbing, poetic, tense, satisfying.”  –Ellery Queen

“A poetic and suspenseful novel from a fine writer.”  –Jim Roginski, Walker and Company

“..the author takes her story’s undeniably mysterious and suspenseful situation and, through unusually compelling narrative technique, makes her book into something far more memorable than the average genre piece.”  –Library Journal

“That Ward knows and loves her California from Baja to San Francisco shows in every descriptive line of this swift, moody, sometimes obscure, but always captivating mystery story”  – Hilda Boehn, Review for Books of the South West

A NICE LITTLE BEACH TOWN   (St. Martin’s Press, A Thomas Dunne book)

A likeable and urbane story, mayhem notwithstanding” – Charles Champlin, Los Angeles Times

..skillfully written novel, a standout for its compelling characters.”  – Publishers Weekly

California is well presented and Ward has made the puzzle a part of the scenery.”  – Ellen A Nehr, Murder ad lib

 A taut, intelligent mystery…that will linger long after you’ve finished.” -T. Jefferson Parker